Dreamcatcher Pendant

This Jewelry making tutorial shows you how to make your own Dreamcatcher Pendant

List of Supplies:

  1. Craft wire – 18 gauge and 24 gauge

  2. Jewelry wire – cutting, looping and flat nose pliers

  3. Faux colored feathers

  4. Colored wooden beads


Step (1)

Cut a small piece of 24 gauge wire (about 4 cm will do) and grab the looping pliers and a faux


Step (2)

Feathers (as well as faux feathers) usually have a tiny tunnel inside the quill part. Insert the cut out

wire inside the tunnel and push about a cm and half of the wire inside the tunnel.

Step (3)

Use the looping pliers to create a small loop adjacent to the quill.

Step (4)

After creating the loop coil the remaining wire around the quill part, below the small loop.

Step (5)

Similarly prepare 2 more faux feathers with wired loop on their quill parts.

Step (6)

Take the 18 gauge craft wire and create a small loop at its open end.

Step (7)

Form a hoop pattern with the wire including the small loop created in the previous step. Leaving

the hoop pattern, keep 18 cm wire straight and then cut off wire from the bundle.

Step (8)

Grab the colored wooden beads and the feathers prepared in step 5. Insert the beads and the

feathers into the hoop through the open end of the straight part.

Step (9)

Insert the feathers into the hoop through the loop created at the open end. Stop beading and

inserting feathers once you are satisfied with the beading pattern.

Step (10)

Now create another small loop at the open end of the straight part.

Step (11)

Coil the remaining wire around the small loop, this will form a twirl pattern and bring the wire

towards the hoop pattern. Once the twirl pattern reaches the hoop, use your hands to adjust the

twirl pattern inside the hoop pattern.

Step (12)

Use the 24 gauge wire and coil the twirl pattern with the hoop at the top end, near the loop of the

hoop pattern.

Use a jump ring to attach the pendant with a necklace or simply wear it with a black string, looks