Dog Poop Soap

This is just a fun little project with no harm intended.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

It would be fun to make these for the stinky male in your life or how about making it into actual soap for your dog?

What you need

Favourite Soap Recipe
Brown Soap Dye
Cling Wrap


This project came about after I was cleaning up my soap making dishes and had some left over scraps. After great debate it was decided that I would go ahead and add this project to the website as everyone thought it was loads of fun.

You can use any basic soap making recipe for this project and add some brown color or green depending on what your dog has been eating. If it is not thick enough allow it to begin to set before working with it.

Whilst it is still pliable place it onto some cling wrap in a sausage shape. Then bend the ends of the sausage together to form the poop swirl.

Leave the cling wrap on until it sets a little harder and then simply unwrap it to allow it to dry as normal.

You can scent this with something poop smelling (No I don’t know what scent that would be) or something pretty like roses.

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