Do you need easy but sparking ideas for your home decor

This article is all about room decor for adults plus kids room. I've amassed top unique ideas of wooden wall shelves.

The most important theme of any home decor is "The shelves must be hot". There are many ways that you can apply to create a funky artistic wall, even using a new shelving unit as a real piece in the room.

I want to have unique wall shalves in every room of my space. I love to change organize and display my belongings on different wood shalves. I also have a bit of a chunky memory, from tickets to jewelries I've got a lot of "special" bits and pop collected from my life and travel.

I've had the sense to expand my exclusive puzzle shelf idea in my house for a long time and have decided that now is the time to do it. After looking a bit, both in stores and online, I concluded that by making my own shelves, I could not only save some money, but also put my shelves exactly as I wanted.

Do you need easy but sparking ideas for your home decor

It includes

Floating shelves

Hexagon shelves

Pyramid shelves

lamp shelves

Truck grill shelves

Wooden truck shelves

Rocket shelves

Micky mouse shelves