DIY Necklace – Recycled Salt Shaker

This recycled craft necklace tutorial takes collecting miniature salt and pepper shakers to a whole new level.

The best thing about this necklace is that it has a secret hole to keep little treasures in!

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

One miniature shaker (at least two holes),
Strand of chandler crystals (enough to make a necklace),
Old clip-on earring with holes on either end to thread wire through


Pick a small ceramic or china shaker. (Remember you’re wearing it around your neck and therefore do not want too much extra weight).

Junk or antique shops that sells old chandlers should have a good supply of cut glass/crystal links. Get enough to make a necklace that will fit over your head and the extra 3 pieces needed for the middle link.

Often the crystals will come in long strands, if not, connect each strand together to form a necklace, leaving the last two links unattached. You can do this with your hands or wire pliers.

Using the holes in the shaker (best to use one with three holes) hook the wire from each end of the necklace through one hole each.

Bring both wires through the third hole and wrap and twist them together and then around the base of the necklace, just above the shaker.

Now find the spot where you want to put the clip-on earring and disconnect the two crystal links.

Remove the earring’s backing with pliers.

Using the crystal link, loop the wire around either end of the earring until it is secure. I used a metal and wire clip-on that had beads, so it was easy to slip the wire through the holes between the beading.

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