DIY Flag Banner: 4th of July Decoration

Use lace, ribbon and fabric to create this patriotic banner. Perfect for 4th of July Celebrations and party decor.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

white lace, red ribbon, blue fabric, sewing machine


1.For the top strip of the banner, cut a 30″ piece of lace. You want this piece to be a fairly wide piece, mine is 2.5″ wide. Pin off a 15″ section in the center of the strip.

2.Cut out white/cream lace patterns that are approximately 25″ long. I have about 14 strips of varying widths. Place the top edge of the strips about 1/2″ over your top strip.

3.Cut 7 pieces of red ribbons or red fabric strips 25″ long. Place the top edge of the red ribbons/strips about 1/2″ over your top strip.

4.Cut a 7″x10″ rectangle from a piece of blue fabric, place it over the top of your strips.

5.Fold the top strip down over the lace strips/ribbons/fabric and pin them all together.

6.Sew along the top strip, stitching through all of the layers of lace and ribbons.

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