DIY Fairy Wands

This project is easy to make and is a great craft for parties.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Just make the wands up ready and let the kids decorate them. You could use chopsticks or blunt skewers if you need to make a lot of these.

What you need

Strong cardboard
Assorted glitter or paint
30cm's of wood dowel


Take your cardboard and cut out 2 identical star shapes for your wand.

Take your piece of dowel and using a strong wood or craft glue, adhere your two star shapes together and place your piece of dowel in-between the two shapes.

Using a spray or acrylic paint you may wish to paint your wand and wand handle at this stage. Gold looks great and pink is very pretty.

Once dry, coat you stars using craft glue or paper glue. Sprinkle your glitter onto the glue and shake off an excess.

Allow it to dry then give it an optional coat of spray varnish to help adhere the glitter.

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