DIY Copper PVC Wall Planter

Hi guys! I love finding delightful and unexpected way of displaying indoor plants in my home. This easy DIY wall planter is not only functional but it makes for a great conversation piece, and has the appearance of a modern art installation right in your living room.

If you're looking for a cool new way to incorporate indoor plants into your home décor consider this wall planter for your next weekend project.

What you need

Project supplies:

• Hammer
• Small plants or seeds (plants must have short and narrow roots)
• Planting soil (optional)
• Krylon metallic copper spray paint
• (4) Large nails (sorry, only two were photographed).

For the Planter you will need ½ inch PVC piping cut to the following measurements:
• (2) 7” inch pipes
• (1) 5 ½” inch pipe
• (1) 5” inch pipe
• (1) 3” inch pipe
• (3) 2 ½”inch pipes
• (2) 2” inch pipes
• (1) 1 ½” pipe
• (1) 1” inch pipe

• (10) pvc ½ inch elbow fittings
• (1) pvc ½ inch elbow fitting with one side threaded (a.k.a one side male and one side female)
• (2) ½ inch pvc crosses
• Red valve


Gather your supplies from your local hardware store. PVC pipe is pretty easy to cut using a hand saw, or you can do what I did, and ask your local hardware store attendant to cut each piece for you.

Assemble pipes in 3 easy steps (refer to photo below). If you firmly press each piece together you won’t need any glue.

Finally put it all together

Copper pipes are pretty expensive so using PVC pipes is an economical way to go. Paint the PVC with a metallic copper spray paint in a well ventilated area (may take 3 coats). You’ll be surprised how much it looks like real copper!

PVC connectors come in male and female parts (I know, that sounds weird) but it’s important that the elbow connector you use to attach the valve is female, which means it’s threaded (has grooves). You can always glue on the valve but I found that the valve fits perfectly into a 1/2″ inch female elbow connector and actually turns!

To mount the planter onto the wall, simply hammer nails on both sides of the two PVC crosses.

Finally add your plants! You can fill the pipes with soil before planting by adding a little soil at a time and tapping the pipes so that the soil fills throughout. You could also use air plants or succulents and use a misting bottle to water them everyday.

If you use plants that need to be watered often you can hang the wall planter above another plant so that the water drains onto the plant below. This is a fun effect because it will drain from the valve and look like it’s leak!

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I've found some 0.5 inch PVC pipe. It says the inside diameter is 0.5 inches. Is that right or should it be the outside diameter?