DIY Butterfly Necklace From Newspaper

Using old newspapers create a personal and beautiful butterfly necklace that is perfect for Mother's Day.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Paper mache paste
Pipe cleaners
10 cms of thin wire
Small beads
Craft paint
Spray varnish
Braid in your choice of color
Tissues or Tissue paper


Start by making the paper mache butterfly base. For this you will need 1 sheet of newspaper and using your paper mache glue spread some paste over the newspaper.

Then take its longest edge and fold the newspaper in half. Spread the glue over the newspaper and again fold in half continue to do this until you have folded the paper 4 times.

Allow this paper mache strip to dry and then using the template provided below or drawing your own template of a butterfly outline. Cut out as many butterflies as you need to complete your necklace. We have used 3 for our necklace but you can use just one.

Using small pieces of tissue paper glue the tissue over the edges of the butterfly to seal it. As shown on the template above. This seals the raw edges of the butterfly and gives it some stability. Once you have covered all the edges on each butterfly allow it to dry.

To make the body take a pipe cleaner and fold it into 4 and wind strips of ready-pasted newspaper around the pipe cleaner until it is covered.

To make the antennas use thin wire cut into suitable lengths and pass it through the top of the body. Use the picture above as a guideline to where the antennas should sit and how long they should appear on your butterfly. Once you have pushed it through the body using craft glue to secure a bead onto each end.

Glue the body onto the butterfly wings and allow it to completely dry before painting it with your craft paints. We have painted a detail design but if you are not as confident then you could paint your butterfly a solid bright color or even decorate it with stickers or glitter.

Once your butterfly is dry and your paintwork finished spray your butterflies with a spray varnish this will protect the paintwork and make the project more durable.

Use craft glue to secure your butterflies to the braid you have selected. We have tied in some beads and used double lengths of braid. You can do the same by measuring two lengths of braid and tying a knot then threading a bead and tying another knot straight after the bead, make sure you space out your knots big enough to fit in your butterfly.

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