Dish Towel Shopping Bag Holder

This project is so easy to make and so handy to have in your kitchen to store all those shopping bags for re-use.

by Shellie Wilson

What you need

Tea Towel/Dish Towel
Sewing Machine
30 cm's Cord
30 cm's Elastic


Start by taking your tea towel and sew a 1 inch hem onto the top and bottom of the tea towel. this will create the pocket for your cord.

Next begin sewing it into a tube By folding the tea towel in half (length-ways) inside out and sewing up the seam making sure not to sew over the Cord Hem or you wont be able to thread your cord through.

Next take your cord and attach it to a safety pin so that you can thread the safety pin through the hem so you don’t lose the end of the cord. Thread it through and gather up the cloth, leaving a small hole to push the bags in through.

For the bottom do the same thing but with some elastic, this will enable you to pull the bags out with ease and to push them in without them going all the way through.

Tie the elastic into a knot and cut off any excess.

Fill the tea towel from the top and pull the bags out through the bottom.

Use seasonal tea-towels or tourist tea towels for some great nostalgic touch to your kitchen.

These are also great for men’s work shops: just pick up a tea towel with a car or fishing symbols on it.