Dish Cloth/Towel Sleepy Time Dolls

This dishcloth craft project makes dolls that are a great little craft for fund raisers and charity stalls.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

l dishtowel and 2 dishcloths.
Some rubber bands( small) and yarn or ribbon.


Towel: Roll one half of towel to center and then roll the other half to center. Now take rubber band and tie in about the middle of towel you folded.

Now take the top part of towel and fold downwards to make face. Rubber band in place. The bottom roll becomes the legs.

You will need to work with the material to form the face.

Now roll l dishcloth and put rubber bands at ends of each end to form the hands. Slide this under the bottom of the face and sorta pull and shape till hands look like they are part of body.

Rubber band the bottom of legs to form the feet.

Hat : 1 dishcloth, take one end and fold all the way up and then again. You will need to fit hat on head and stitch on.
You pull the towel part up in the back when they are done to have them sit, lay or I even prop up a hand under there head to pose them.

I also sometimes tack the hat to the sides of head and tack anywhere I think something needs it.

You can take a stitch to hold in place anywhere you think one is needed but remember these crafts may want to be taken apart. So I try to make it easy as possible. Also some of you may want to use some fiberfill to stuff the sleepy time dolls.

Created by Patricia McCann

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