Decoupage Coat Hanger

This project uses the decoupage method to embellish a coat hanger.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Wooden coat hanger
Base paint
Decoupage paper
Paint brush
Glue varnish


Prepare your wooden coat hanger by sanding it and base painting it.

Whilst the paint is drying, cut out your decoupage paper. You will need small designs to be able to place it onto the hanger. We used small cherries from a cherry and bug print.

Use decoupage scissors or cuticle scissors to cut around the small curves.

Using your decoupage glue or white wood glue adhere the little images on to the coat hanger.

Once you have all your images adhered and the glue has dried apply a coat of varnish. Either paint it on or purchase a spray varnish for a fast result.

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