Crone’s Wreath: Halloween Project

For some the word “crone” conjures up a negative image of an old wrinkled woman with warts on her nose.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

But for others crone is a term of reverence for the wise woman within all of us. A Crone’s Wreath is not only a stunning and magical seasonal decoration, it pays homage to the crone by embracing the winds of change. No glue, pins or wires are used to put this wreath together. If items fall out and blow away (like youth and physical beauty eventually do), accept the change and look for new gifts to replace them.

What you need

You Will Need:
1 Grapevine wreath
5 straight(ish) sticks that are approximately as long as the wreath’s open center
Spanish or Sphagnum moss
Feathers, flat stones, pods, acorns, leaves and other gifts from nature


Use twine to build a 5-pointed star from the sticks. Tie the end points together, and for addition security add more twine where the sticks intersect in the center of the star. Attach the star to the inside of the wreath by tying it on at all five points.

Place moss around the wreath in a pattern that looks balanced and natural. Gently poke the moss into the vines with your fingers or the end of a paint brush to secure it.

Tuck in feathers and other natural items you find. You can also cheat a little and purchase dried flowers or pods from the craft store if you don’t have easy access to nature.

Think of this wreath as an evolving art piece. Continue hunting for small embellishments and add them as you can. When things fall out accept it as part of the process. Set a specific amount of time to continue the creation process or keep the wreath out all year and let the elements add to the design.

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