Crochet Hanging Basket

This crochet hanging basket pattern is the perfect little home project. Use scrap yarn for varying colors.

Start with a slip knot and chain 6. Form a ring and work 10-12 sc around the ring. For the next row work 2 dc into each chain stitch from the previous row. Keep increasing the size of the pattern until you’re satisfied with the size.

Once you’re satisfied with the base size you can stop increasing the chain numbers and fix it at the last row chain number. Now crochet upwards to build the basket. I worked dc to build the basket and worked until I was satisfied with the height of the basket.

Once you’re done making the basket you can start crocheting the hanger or handle of the basket. From the current chain of the last row work 8-10 dc along the last row and keep repeating the 8-10 dc till the handle reaches double its required handle size. After crocheting the handle fold it and crochet or stitch it with the basket along its last row.

You can place something sturdy at the inside bottom of the basket to secure thin items from falling through the crochet chains.

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Super fun and easy!