Crochet Beaded Necklace

This free crochet project shows you how to crochet a necklace using beads.
What you need:

Crochet Cotton
Steel Hook, size 2.55
Darning needle
Assorted beads (5 large, and 14 small used in this project)
Jump rings
Head pins
Ring nose pliers

By CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)


1.Chain 75, check to see if the length is correct to fit around your neck.

2.Single crochet in the 6th stitch from the hook, (buttonhole formed). Single crochet in each stitch across the chain.

3.Chain 2 and turn, single crochet in the first 2 stitches. *Chain 4, skip the next stitch, single crochet in the next stitch. Repeat from * across the chain, except single crochet in the last three stitches. Fasten off.

4.Sew a button or a large bead on the side opposite the buttonhole, to serve as a closure.

5.Assemble beads onto head pins as desired to make 5 dangles. Make the center one longer than the other 4, and with pliers, attach to the loops in the crochet work of the necklace, with jump rings. Vary the colors of beads, and you will have a totally different appearance to the necklace!

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