Crochet Awareness Ribbon Pin

This pattern shows you how to crochet a ribbon pin.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

You can make your pin in any color, red for AIDS, pink for Breast Cancer etc.

What you need

Small Amount of
Worsted Weight Yarn
1/8" Wide by 6 1/2" Length,
Picot Satin Ribbon
1 - Floral Applique
Aleene's Tacky Fabric Glue


Finished Size: About 3” Long by 1 ½” Wide

Row 1) Ch 35, Hdc in 5th Ch from hook. *Ch2, skip 2, Hdc next. Rep*across.

Row 2) Ch 3. Turn. SL St in Hdc, *Ch3, SL St in Hdc. Rep* to you reach short end. Ch 3, Skip 2 chains, SL St next, *Ch 3, Skip 2, SL St next Hdc. Rep* on remaining long edge, ending with Ch 3. SL St in 1st Hdc of first long row. Fasten off.

Finishing Cut a length of ribbon to weave lengthwise through center spaces. Cross fold ends of ribbon left over right and tack in place.

Glue Applique over tacking.

Very cute in Patriotic colors also.

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