Craft Marble Magnets

These magnets are great! I chose double sided paper for a clean, finished look on the magnet back

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

But you can choose any image that you'd like magnified.

What you need

Circle cutter and cutting mat, double sided scrapbooking paper with a desired, small print, clear craft marbles (flat on one side, commonly found in the floral department) glass bead bonding glue, small, strong magnets and medium sized wedding favor bags for storage.


The thicker magnet makes the finished product stronger and more useful and the “stacked” structure is easier to grasp and move.

Start by gathering your supplies.

Set your circle cutter to a size slightly smaller than the marbles you’ve selected. These marbles come in many sizes, I chose one approximately one inch in diameter. This is a great size for most images and for refrigerators and school lockers.

Choose the image you want, position your cutter, cut the image out and prepare to attach it to the marble with your glass glue.

Put a bead of glue on the center of your image and “squish” your marble down on top. Keep pressing until the glue spreads to the edges of the entire image with no air bubbles. Now, turn your marble over and attach the magnet with the glue.

This is where the double sided paper comes in handy.

The back of your magnet will have a uniform, finished appearance. Allow the project to cure or “set” for 24 hours.

I put them into wedding favor bags from the craft store to give as gifts.

Vintage images are my personal favorite, but you can choose a “child” themed paper for kids to use, etc.

You can easily make dozens of chunky, beautiful magnets to give at Christmas or store away as quick gifts throughout the year.

Of course you’ll want to keep some for yourself. Enjoy!

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