Cone Christmas Angel

For this adorable Christmas angel you will need a cardboard cone

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

You can make your own or buy a polyester one from the shops.

What you need

Cardboard Cone
2 paper doily's
Ping pong Ball or large bead
Gold spray paint
Craft Glue
Ready made wings


To make this simple, yet elegant Christmas craft begin by constructing spray painting your cone.

Paint your ping pong ball or large bead to look like a face. In the picture we have left it totally gold for a more simplistic looking Christmas angel.

Take your 2 paper doily’s and cut 1 of them in half. These 2 half’s will form the angels sleeves. Simply fold each half into half again as shown in the picture.

With the 2nd doily cut it into half and then trim off the decorative edge off one half. This section becomes the angels collar. Discard the 2nd half as you do not need it for this project.

Spray paint your folded sleeves and the collar with the gold spray paint.

Alternatively if you are spray painting the whole angel a single color as we have done then you can glue it all together and then paint it.

Glue on the head first then the collar and finish off with the sleeves. Add the wings onto the back and glue on a small bow in the front.

This Christmas Craft Angel is ideal for centerpieces and table settings and can be adapted to suit your creativity.

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