Concrete Tree Branch Bucket Stools

Concrete Bucket stools are so easy to make and look amazing in your yard or on the porch!

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Plastic bucket
Ready Mix Concrete or Cement
tree branches at least 2 inch thick and 50cms long. 3 or 4 for each stool.
Mixing stick


This project is so easy to create but you do need some basic engineering skills. Firstly your stool legs, need to be strong enough to hold the weight. Your tree branches also need to be as straight as can be. You need your tree stumps to be of equal length.

We used a ReadyMix concrete we had leftover from another backyard project. I bought 80cent buckets and filled them 1/4 of the way up with the readymix following the instructions on the ready mix concrete packet.

I used a spare stick to stir it so I could just throw it away afterwards.

It is important to have all your legs and buckets ready to go as the concrete sets quickly. Stick the sticks into the cement and let dry.

I took mine out of the bucket after 24 hours. I have let the concrete set for over 2 weeks before sitting on them.

If you are worried about weight, use them as little coffee cup or wine glass table’s in the back yard.

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