“Complete Me” Puzzle Wreath

This Valentine's Day craft project shows you how to make a wreath which is made using recycled puzzle pieces.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Attach the words "You Complete Me, Like A Puzzle" for a romantic gesture.

What you need

Recycled Puzzle pieces
Red or Pink Spray Paint or
acrylic Paint
Craft glue
Ribbon for hanging


This craft can be hung on door knob’s, used as a gift tag or used to decorate a festive tree.

This is a great way to use those puzzles that have so many missing pieces are not worth doing. Try your local Charity store also.

Start by laying out your puzzle pieces on some newspaper.

Spray paint them with a thin layer of pink or red spray paint.

Apply a few light coats till the pieces are well covered.

Lay the pieces over the top of each other to form the wreath. Gluing each piece as you go.

To make a bigger or thicker wreath lay the pieces 2-3 pieces wide.

Glue on a ribbon bow and a small thin cord for hanging.

For extra embellishment you can add little words of love onto each piece such as Kisses, Love, Hugs.

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