Colored Pasta Shapes

This free kids craft projects shows you how to make colored pasta shapes

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

That can be used for a variety of kids craft projects and school activities.

What you need

Assorted pasta shapes
Food color
Rubbing alcohol
Plastic bag


Place your pasta in a plastic bag and add 8 drops of selected food coloring and one tsp of rubbing alcohol.

Shake the bag up till it is all coated.

Put the pasta out onto a tin tray or cookie sheet to dry for around 30 minutes. The color will brighten as it dries.

The colored pasta shapes can be stored in a dry container for future use. Use them to make necklaces to glue onto collages or onto boxes.

Lots of fun for all little crafters. Make sure you wear gloves if handling the pasta wet or your hands go green too.

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