Coca Cola Can Book

This project shows you how to recycle those flat cans into something funky for your desk or purse.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

1 empty Coca Cola can
Ring bound notepad
Metal scissors


To begin you will need a small ring bound notepad that is smaller than a flat coke can.

Take your coke can and flatten it with your foot (wear a shoe), directly in the middle of the can. Then hammer the can flat. Remove sharp folds by hammering each edge as much as possible till it feels flat against your hand.

Take your notepad and remove the ring binding by untwisting the wire. You may need to start it off by bending back the wire ends so they are straight as shown in the picture.

Clamp your notepad as you do this to prevent the pages slipping.

Take the front cover off the notepad.

Line the notepad cover onto the can and using a nail, punch holes into the can.

Place the can onto the notepad and carefully wind the wire back through all the holes. You will need to go slowly to avoid bending the wire. Once the wire is twisted all the way through, close the ends by bending the wire at a 90 degree angle.

Your can will need to be trimmed down to fit the paper stack. Do this using sharp kitchen scissors or wire cutters but cut it slightly larger than the paper so that you can fold the sharp edge over to form a hem.

This can came out quite rounded, so the paper was also cut to round it off at the bottom.

Tap this folded edge with the hammer to remove any sharp edges.

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