Cluster Bracelet

Step 1 – Attach clasp to one end of chain.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

7-8" large link sterling chain
1 large lobster clasp
1 100pc package of 1 1/2" thin headpins
Assorted beads: 200-300, including spacers
Tools required:
Chain-nose plier
Round-nose plier
Wire cutter


Step 2 – Add 1/2″ of beads to headpin.

Step 3 – Grip headpin wire with the tip of the chain-nose plier just above the beads and bend to a 90ý angle.

Step 4 – Using the round-nose pliers turn the wire up and around to form a loop, bringing the wire back to a right angle.

Step 5 – Slip the loop into the link of the chain.

Step 6 – Using the chain-nose plier, hold loop and wrap the wire several times around until it reaches the base of the bead. Remember to keep the wire at a right angle while wrapping. This will ensure an even coil.

Step 7 – Trim excess wire, and tuck the end down with the chain-nose plier. This can be tricky – use the tip of the plier on the tip of the wire and gently press into the direction of the coil.

Step 8 – Repeat the process until desired fullness is achieved. Usually 2 dangles from each chain link.

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