Christmas Night Sky on a Bottle

Christmas is just around the corner and my hands are itching with the desire to make something Christmas-sy. Instead of diving head first into the gold-red-green splashy decorations, I decided to make something simpler, something with vintage which I can naturally brag about.

This is a very simple DIY project for crafty girls who love Christmas Eve and starry night sky. You can paint it on a bottle and snuggle in front of the fireplace to enjoy the romantic lighting.

What you need

One large bottle (you can try big mason jar, too);
A set of old fairy lights (the string you have been planning to replace with a new one for several years will do just fine);
Blue acrylic paint;
Black paint - preferably spray paint but acrylic should work fine, too;
Sharpie pen - black;
One small iron candle or plant holder (depending on your jar's/ bottle's size) - actually anything you have that can support the project will be perfect.


 "painted bottle"

Paint the entire exterior of the bottle with the blue paint. Depending on the quality of your acrylic paint, you will have to add two or three coats until it’s fully covered.

Don’t forget to let dry in between, or you might either get acrylic paint on your hands or worse ruin the foundation for further work on the Christmas Painted Bottle Project.

Note: Don’t forget to cover your working surface with either old newspapers or with an old sheet.

 "Blue & black painted bottle"

Spray two or three layers black paint at the bottleneck and work your way a little bit upwards just like shown in the picture. Once again let it dry for 10 minutes before you add a new coat.

 "decorated big bottle"

Once the paint is dry use the sharpie pen to draw the Christmas trees or any other pictures you light like. Personally, I keep thinking ornamental drawings would also make pretty neat decoration.

 "fairy lights, twinkle lights"

Fairy/ twinkle lights

Before you jam your twinkle lights in the bottle make sure to check if they work properly. I left mine on for 5 mins just to be on the safe side as they have been gathering dust at the attic for a couple of years.

 "bottle filled with fairy lights"

Don’t forget to leave enough electrical cord out, so you can place the bottle on the plant holder and plug it in effortlessly.

That’s about it, now all you have to do is dim the lights in the room. Have fun!

 "Before and after "

Before and after

 "bottle filled with twikle lights"

Ta-Da – the finished project!

This project was originally conceived by Robin Tompkins. Check out more of her projects on her blog here. Thank you Robin!

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