Christmas Guest Soaps

Decoupage soaps are very easy to make and are a great craft for all ages.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

This quick craft project is easy to make and can be used to decorate cheap blocks of soaps for school fetes or fund raisers.

What you need

Plain blocks of soap
Stickers or Decals
White P.V.A Glue or white wood/craft glue (non toxic)
Paint brush


Use Christmas images for your guest bathroom or how about a picture of your child so he or she knows which soap is hers on school camps.

To start this craft choose a image. Use Christmas stickers or cut outs to go onto your soap. Take the back of the image and using the PVA glue adhere it to the block of soap.

PVA glue is poly vinyl acetate – a white craft glue that dries clear.

Using the paint brush place a layer of glue over the top of the image and the top of the soap.

Allow the coat to dry and then apply another coat. Make sure you cover the complete image. Keep doing this until you have at least 5 coats of PVA glue onto your soap. Allow it to dry each time.

The more coats you apply to the soap and image the longer the image will stay visible in the shower or bath.

To use this soap all you do is wash with it like normal, taking preference to the side without the image.

This craft is totally safe and non-toxic. The glue layer containing the glue and image will simply peel away from the soap as the soap is finished.

For group crafts speed up the drying time by working in the sun or using a hair dryer to quickly pass over the glue it will only take seconds to dry then.

Use photograph’s or printouts of photographs to personalize your soaps for a personalized gift

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