Chopstick Wrapper Bookmark

These are very easy to make and are fabulous for small last minute gifts

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Housewarming trinkets and even stocking stuffers during the holidays!

What you need

2 Pretty Chopstick wrappers
1 Piece of Card stock or Oaktag Paper
A Pencil
A Glue stick
Clear Packing Tape
Standard Hole Punch
Grommet & Grommet Installation Tool
A tassel


Take one of the chopstick wrappers and trace it with a pencil on your piece of oaktag or cardstock paper. Cut out the cardstock that you’ve just traced and use the glue stick to glue both chopstick wrappers to it, one wrapper on each side of the paper.

Set it aside and allow it to dry for about an hour.

Use clear packing tape to laminate each side of the bookmark. Do one side at a time and then use the scissors to trim away any excess plastic.

Use a hole puncher to punch a hole at the top of the bookmark where you would like to place the grommet.

Lastly attach the grommet with the grommet tool and then string the tassel through the center and tie it on. Cut off any excess string.

Tips & hints: There are lovely grommets in all kinds of colors and styles in the scrapbooking aisles at your local craft store, so experiment with different looks that strike your fancy!

This project was contributed by Faith Sugarman from dollheads.com

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