Chocolate Filled Whisk

A perfect gift for the chocolate lover.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

And a perfect gift to get your kids involved in making as well! Create a chocolate filled whisk and give it as a gift for almost any occasion!

What you need

1 Wire whisk
10-12 Small wrapped chocolates


Take your metal whisk and fill it with wrapped chocolates. The chocolates need to be small enough to slip into the whisk but not too small as to slip straight back out again. Hershey’s kisses, Fantales or Minties would be a good size.

Fill the whisk with the chocolates and then wrap the whisk in cellophane and tie a ribbon around the handle.

Attach a small gift card with the following words:

“Whisking you a Merry Christmas”

“Whisking you a Happy House-Warming”

“Whisking you a Happy Marriage”

“Whisking you a Happy Mother’s Day”

“Whisking you Thanks for Attending Our Wedding”

This would also be a great craft for school kids for Mothers Day gifts!!!

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