CD Sun-Catcher

Use an old CD to create a sun-catcher to hang in the yard or in the car.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need
1 CD
Variety of beads
Fishing line

Take your fishing line around 1 yard (1 mt) in length and fold it in half. Take the folded end through the CD hole and slip the loose ends through it to form a slip knot over the CD. The CD will form the bottom anchor for the sun-catcher.

Bring both ends of the line to one side of the CD. Thread the beads you have chosen over both ends of the fishing line.

When you get half way, thread on your crystal or glass bead. This will give the project a central focal point.

Continue threading your beads until you get to the top of the fishing line. Secure with a knot and affix a loop for hanging. You can either make a loop out of the fishing line or attach a metal ring to hang it up with.

Hang it outside to catch some sun reflections.

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