CD Lotus Shrine

Make this religious shrine using old CD's.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Old cds
God idle cardboard.


Take four CD’s, cut them each into two halves.

Take another CD & cut it into smaller size, as shown in fig 1.

Cut the one Cd like petiole of the lotus (fig 2). Then take two pieces of petals & stick one above another like bud of lotus (fig 3).

Behind the bud, stick one petal in both the sides. Like this, stick all the petals behind the previous one. Smaller two petals are used as lower petals of the flower.

After sticking all the petals, finally stick petiole behind the flower.

CD lotus flower is ready.

In the middle of the lotus bud, stick any image or idle of God for the purpose of decoration.

Then stick into the cardboard & decorate as your imagination.

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