Cardboard Tube Princess Bracelet

Cardboard Tube Princess Bracelet.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Cardboard tube
Pink felt
White craft glue
Craft jewels


Cut cardboard tube into 1.5″ wide rings (for each bracelet). Cut each ring open so that the bracelet can be easily slipped onto child’s wrist.

Cut a strip of felt 1.5″ wide long enough to cover the tube. To gauge the size needed, cover the inside and outside of the tube, trim where needed. Use white craft glue to attach the felt to the cardboard tube. Using a generous amount of white craft glue, cover the outside of the bracelet with craft jewels. Let it dry completely. If you would like to make a bracelet that’s more mature, maybe you have a daughter who has outgrown the princess stuff… Put different colors of paint into a paint palette. Dip paintbrush into one color, the dot the brush into one or two more colors to mix. Don’t stir the colors, just dip, then apply to the cardboard.

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