Cardboard Box To A Car

Ever wanted to create a car using a cardboard box?

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

For the kids or yourself, this is a simple idea that you can actually do. Perfect classroom activity!

What you need
Large cardboard box (big enough to sit in
5 paper plates (wheels)
2 silver pie tins (headlights)
Buttons and small lids ( inside switches)


Take a cardboard box and cut some door’s into both sides of the box.

Cut a L shape into the side of the box to create an opening and shutting flap.

Paint the complete box a suitable car color.

If this is a class project while you are waiting for the paint to dry you could sing some car songs or tell a story about a car to pass the time.

Glue the 4 plates onto the sides for wheels and one inside the box for the steering wheel.

Glue the buttons and small lids inside to resemble car knobs and buttons on the dash.

Take turns in driving the car or keep it aside for play time.

You can get great fridge boxes to make a bus with from your local appliance store.

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