Butterfly Bead Bookmark

Take 50cm of wire and add 11 assorted beads and secure the top bead with glue, this will become the antenna.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

22 assorted 5-10mm beads
50cm Memory Wire (coated or plain) for butterfly
20 cms of wire for book mark
Large 15mm sequin
Craft glue


Twist it around to make a set of wings as shown in the pictures placing 5 beads on each loop.

Once you have the top set of wings add 11 more beads.

Bend the next set of wings by twisting it around your finger as to form smaller wings , again placing 5 beads into each loop.

Secure tightly by twisting together and finishing up with another Antenna and securing the end bead.

Add a length of wire for the book mark by twisting it into the back of the butterfly. Secure with some glue.

to finish off the butterfly glue the sequin over the wire twists in the middle.

These butterflies make lovely teachers and mothers day gifts.

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