Bra Purse

This bra purse is made with a lightweight Lycra bra. A padded bra would provide you with more stability. Obviously the bigger the bra cup the bigger the purse.

By CraftBits (Shellie Wilson).

What you need:
Old bra
Ribbons fringing
Hot glue or craft glue


These bags have been made famous by their use to promote awareness of Breast Cancer. And to carry on with that awareness I have used my mothers bra’s to make the bra projects on this site.

Start by removing the straps from the cups.

You can keep the cups together with most bras, but it will depend on the bra you are using. If you separate the cups you will simply glue them back together along the wire line.

Glue the cups together to form the pouch part of the purse. This bra was slightly open cupped (deep plunge line) so I just glued up the side to form a deeper pouch.

Glue the straps back on to form the handles, these can be short or long depending on your bag style. I used the actual bra straps to keep the purse “Bra Looking” but you could swap this for a cord or ribbon. Just attach them to the top of the bra where the straps would normally sit.

If you are using a strapless bra then just glue the handles into the inside edge of the cup.

Embellish the handbag by gluing on trims, ribbons and sequins to your desired style. You can add a little or a lot.

And remember Breast Cancer is important so check each lump and each bump no matter how old or young you are and get a mammogram regularly.

Early detection is the key to survival.