Beaded Cupcake Food Picks

This project shows you how to make your very own cupcake toppers or food

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

Picks using crafty items you probably already have.

What you need

Tooth Picks
Foam Beads (or similar)
Plastic Crystal Beads
Craft Glue


These toppers have been made using foam rainbow beads and plastic crystal beads. You can use pom pom’s for a clown theme, glass beads for something a little more elegant and even silver beads for a top notch cheese night.

Using craft glue dip the end of the tooth pick into the glue.

Add the beads from the pointy end upwards, as this pushes any excess glue up and off the toothpick rather than down the stick where it might be visible.

You are only limited by your imagination with this project so grab your picks, grab your supplies and create something unique.

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