Bath Bomb – Peppermint

A very relaxing and soothing bath - full of peppermint!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

2 tbs Cornstarch
2 tbs of Citric acid
1/4 cup of Baking soda
3 tbs of Oil (see below for what oil might be suitable for you)
1/4 tsp peppermint fragrant oil or essential oil
5 drops of Green food coloring


Pick the right oil for you in our guide.

Mix all the dry ingredients together and then add the oils and food coloring a little at a time until the right consistency is achieved.

It should be a workable dough. If your mix is too wet add some more baking soda until it dries up.

Roll the mix into balls and place onto waxed paper and allow it dry for 5-6 hours.

Once dry, these are still a little delicate so it’s best to wrap them up straight away.

Wrap them with some cellophane or place them into paper cupcake cups. They make great gifts.

To use: Place 1-2 of these into a warm bath of water.

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