Basic Candle Making Instructions

These basic candle making instructions allow you to use this project in various other candle making projects.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need
Paraffin candle wax
Candle Dyes (optional)
Heavy Pot (to melt wax)
and a suitable mold

Suitable Molds Are:
Purchased Molds specifically for candle making or household items that are flexible and will release the hardened candle, some of these are:
Light weight plastic molds like bowls or cups.
Polystyrene cups where it can be torn away from the hardened candle wax.
Milk Or Drink Cartons.


How to melt the Wax: Place your required wax amount into the heavy pan and place it on the heat. Slowly heat the pan till all the wax in your pot melts. Don’t allow the wax to get too hot. If you do not have a heavy pot such as a cast iron pot then we recommend using a double boiler method for safety.

Adding the Dye: Once you have melted your wax you can add your dye. Add a small amount at a time as it is very strong. Note: When dried, the color is much lighter.

Getting the wick ready: Dip your wick several times into the melted wax to give it a wax coating to insure it burns evenly.

Getting the mold ready:
Start by cutting down your milk carton so that your candle mold is of appropriate size for the candle (or use other mold).
Next attach your wick to a pencil or length of wood that will sit across the top of your candle mold (top is the open end).
Next make a small hole in the bottom of the carton to thread your wick through. Pull it tight so that the wick from the pencil to outside of the carton is firm. A loose wick will cause your candle to have problems burning later on.

Now stick down the wick at the bottom with some sticky tape and using a piece of blu-tack or Plasticine close up the hole so no wax can seep out.

Pouring your wax: Be careful you do not spill the wax onto yourself and gently pour the wax into the mold. Fill it to the top but save a small amount for top ups in case of shrinkage and allow to cool.

Cooling the candle: As it cools you will notice that the top will sink inwards, this is called shrinkage. Pour a small amount of wax on top of this to fill it up. Continue to allow to cool.

Removing the mold: If it is a single use mold (such as a milk carton) then just tear it away. If it is plastic then run the outside of the mold in hot water, this will melt the outside wax helping it to adhere to the mold and it should just slip out.

Finishing it off: If your mold it not flat at the bottom then place it directly onto a hot pan surface and melt it down flat to tidy it up and finish it off.

Rainbow Candles: These can be made by pouring a small section of wax one color then allowing to cool completely and adding a second color.

Shell Candle: Before pouring your wax, line your mold with shells to give it a nice decoration.

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