Bangle Holder From Paper Towel Roll

It's easy to make this one - just use your paper towel holder and convert it into a bangle holder!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

paper towel cardboard roll
small old bowl
old fabric, organza ribbon (optional),
hot or white craft glue
rocks for the weight (optional)


Measure the length and circumference of the cardboard.

Cut the fabric according to the size of the board.

Cover the cardboard with the fabric using the hot glue or the craft glue (takes a longer time to dry).

(optional) For more chic look cover the cardboard with organza ribbon.

5.Glue the cardboard to the bowl.

6.(optional) Fill the board with rocks for the weight and cover the top with the left over fabric by inserting it to the hole….

And you’re done!

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