Balloon Weights

Balloon Weights

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Jelly molds
Plaster of Paris
Optional paints
Strong wire


Balloons are always lovely at parties and weddings, but sometimes finding a decorative or practical way of tying them up is a little hard. Here we have some simple weights to make, allowing you the freedom to arrange your balloons all over your party venue.
Use the instructions for mixing on your packet of plaster of Paris.
Mix the plaster of Paris and pour it into the jelly molds. Your molds need to be slightly flexible in order to get the plaster back out again. Inexpensive jelly molds work well but you could use just about any container including recycled take away containers.
Before it sets, place a wire U shape into the plaster – this is the hook you will tie your balloons to.
Once the plaster has dried you can paint it.

Add decorative stickers, beads or other embellishments for a more creative finish. The opportunities for creativity with this project idea is endless. Use your creative imagination!

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