Balloon Hair Bows

These hair bows make fun birthday presents or as a fun package topper.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

I made them during my daughters birthday party as their take-home/wear home gift! Balloon hair bows last for many years and are very durable, But for best results do not leave in a hot car. I learned the hard way. (grin)

What you need

8-12 8" or 9" Balloons
Metal Hair bow clip


Step 1
Temporarily remove the metal clasp on the hair bow clip and turn the top of the clip curved side down.

Step 2
Layout the balloons in whatever color scheme you like. I prefer using 2-3 colors and alternating colors in order, making sure I put the same color on both ends. Flip-flop the balloons so that they are laying in a row with one upside down, one faced up etc.

Step 3
Begin tying the balloons in a knot one by one on the metal clip. (Balloons might slightly inflate while tying, this makes for a full-cute bow) Remember, one goes opening end up and one goes with the opening end down. Centered with the middle of the balloon tied in the knot. Push the balloons close together on the clasp.

Step 4
Put the metal clasp back together after all the balloons are tied on.

Step 5
Further embellish with shoelaces or beads. Theme your barrettes with plastic accessories tied to the middle of the bow like black plastic spiders for Halloween or hearts for Valentines day!

Try using water bomb balloons for a different look, water bomb balloons are also more suitable for smaller clips and clasp.

This project was contributed by Rachel Webb. Shafer

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