Baby Shower – Baby Clothing Bouquet

These baby bouquets are very popular for gifts and baby showers and are a wonderful way of presenting small baby items.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Basket or Box for base
Assorted small cloth baby items
Rubber Bands
Plastic leaves


Start by using small items, such as vests, beanies, socks, slippers thin shirts or bibs.

Roll each item up and secure with a rubber band and then just curl the edges back onto itself to look like a flower head.

Keep doing this with each piece, making loose rolls for soft roses and tight rolls for little buds.

Place all the items into your box or basket using some tissue paper on the bottom to lift it all up. Obviously the quantity or roses and clothing you will need will depend on how big your basket is and what your budget is.

Once you have arranged your flowers use small sprigs of plastic leaves to separate the buds.

Adding the leaves really brings the bouquet together making it all appear more realistic.

Finish off with a bow and some cellophane to wrap it all up.

We made ours using bright colors, but it would look even more delicate using soft pastels or even whites.

baby-bouqet items

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