Baby – Disposable Diaper Cake – Rolled

This diaper cake is slightly smaller than the layered diaper cake

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

And uses a different method of rolling the diapers rather than the laying out method.

What you need

67 Disposable Diapers or Nappies
3 mts of Wide 1 inch or bigger ribbon
Flowers for decoration
Cake Topper
67 Rubber Bands
2 mts of elastic


We also have instructions for Towel and Diaper Cakes as well as a cute little Bunny gift basket and a Diaper Stork Delivery

This cake took 67 nappies (diapers). Each nappy has to be rolled and secured with an elastic band as shown. Make all 67 up and then begin the constructing.

Start by making the base which takes 38 disposable nappies. We made ours using a tray as a base which makes it much easier to get a round finish but if you don’t have a round tray then make a cardboard base for support.

For the second tier you will need 21 diapers. Once you get a nice round shape secure it with elastic nice and tightly.

For the top tier you will need 8 nappies. Secure with an elastic band or a piece of elastic.

Place all the tiers on top of each other.

If you are planning on moving this a lot then secure the layers with some pins, but ideally it is better to transport it in single layers and then re-construct it at its final location.

Embellish it with little flowers, ribbons and even small baby items such as dummies and rattles.

We topped our cake off with a beanie baby but you can use anything that matches your theme.

These are perfect for baby showers and new mum gifts.

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