Baby – Bunny Baby Basket

This Bunny is the perfect gift for new mums or for taking to a baby shower.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

1 Wire coat hanger
2 Bath towels
2 inch Wobble Eyes
1 length of Ribbon
1/2 mt Elastic
1mt Length of Lace


You could also do this project with several cloth nappies in place of the towels. This Bunny would make a lovely Easter basket too. We also have instructions for Towel and Diaper Cake as well as a cute Bunny gift basket.
Put the two towels together length ways to form a square. Roll them diagonally into the centre.

Fold the rolled length in half. Half way down this folded length place the elastic around it to secure it in place.

This rounded section forms the body. The two loose ends that are remaining form the ears. Fold the ear section back onto the body forming the head.

Secure with elastic. You can leave the ears floppy or make them pointy. Take the wire coat hanger and form it into a v shape. Push the wire into the back of the ears and bend the hanger hook underneath the bunny. Pin the ear fabric around the wire to hold them up, its a little like a hem around the wire.

Finish the bunny off by tying the ribbon around the head. Add the wobble eyes, either with glue or some double sided tape (so it can be removed later). We finished it off by just adding a teddy bear, but you could add baby supplies or just about anything. You could place the bunny onto a cake base, or cardboard base for stability when transporting it.

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