Altered Tin – Mini Purse

This Altered Tin Scrapbooking project will help inspire you to turn your trash into treasures!

by Shellie Wilson

See how easily an Altoids breath mint tin can be transformed into an adorable purse, ideal for holding gift cards, business cards, wallet photos, lipstick, etc. They also make adorable party favors and doll accessories.

What you need

Altoids tin (or any other rectangular hinged tin measuring 3.9" x 2.5")

2 pieces of 8 1/2"x 11" Cardstock Paper in the color of your choice

Roll of Sticky Strip ( 1/4" width) or any other double sided adhesive that will work well with tin

Ribbon: 1 yard of 1/4" wide grosgrain stitch ribbon
1/2 yard of 1/2" wide ribbon
(Note: Based on these measurements, you should have extra ribbon in case of error or if you want to use additional ribbon to embellish tin. It is always better to have more, than less!)

Stamps or stickers of your choice (Stampin' Up stamps were used for this sample)

2-3 Stamp pads in the colors of your choice

Tools Needed
Small Corner Rounder
Paper Cutter
Scissor (sharp)


  1. Empty contents of Altoids tin. Wipe out residue; if cleaning with water, make sure your tin is dried thoroughly before proceeding.
  2. Take cardstock and cut out four pieces: two pieces measuring 2 5/16″ x 3 11/16″ (for top and bottom cover of tin) and two additional pieces measuring 2 1/8″ x 3 1/2 “(for inside of tin)
  3. Use your corner rounder to trim all four corners on each of the four pieces. Tip: You can ink the edges of the paper to give it a more distressed look.
  4. Decorate all pieces of paper using your stamps. Use more than one color ink and a variety of stamp sizes to create the perfect look. Tip: Start stamping in the center of your piece and work your way out. Stickers are an alternative way of decorating your paper. Set aside the two smaller pieces allotted for the inside of the tin.
  5. Determine where the top of your tin is. With your tin placed in front of you, the bottom hinges should be closest to you. The metal seam where you would open the tin should be directly above. Situated this way, your tin should now open towards you. It is very important to keep this in mind when proceeding with the following steps.
  6. Once dry, carefully adhere one piece of paper onto the front of your tin and the other to the back using the Sticky Strip adhesive. Keep in mind, Sticky Strip creates a strong bond, almost immediately. Line your paper up carefully with the corners. Make sure your corners are evenly covered with Sticky Strip .
  7. Next, line the outside upper edge of the tin with Sticky Strip (narrow trim above metal seam where you open the tin). Sticky Strip should evenly wrap around the entire tin. Note: You may need to cut smaller pieces for the area above the two hinges located on the bottom of your tin.
  8. Once Sticky Strip is secured on the tin, take your 1/4 ” wide ribbon and firmly adhere the ribbon to the upper edge of the tin. Note: Always start at the center of the back of the tin and work your way completely around.
  9. Repeat steps 5 – 7 for the outside lower edge of the tin (wide trim underneath metal seam where you open the tin). Work from the bottom of the tin up. Sticky Strip should evenly wrap around the entire tin once. Then wrap a second strip around the tin, directly above your first strip (creating a 1/2″ wide strip). You will firmly adhere the 1/2 “wide ribbon in this area. When you open the cover of your tin, you will find a 1/4″ wide area of exposed tin above your 1/2 ” ribbon. This is necessary in order to properly open and close the tin.
  10. Cut out two 8″ pieces of your Grosgrain Stitch ribbon. This will be used to create the handles of your tin purse.
  11. On the top cover of your tin, adhere two pieces of Sticky Strip vertically (approx. 3 1/4 ” each). One strip should be3/4 “inch in from the right and the other should be3/4 “from the left. Remember that your tin should be situated top up, with the bottom hinges closest to you.
  12. Starting at the bottom of your left Sticky Strip piece and going upwards, firmly adhere ribbon. Allow for a small loop for the handle and then continue to adhere the ribbon to the right Sticky Strip piece starting at the top and going downwards. Trim off any excess. Repeat step for the back on the tin.
  13. Line the backs of the two remaining pieces of paper with Sticky Strip . Adhere these pieces of paper on the inside of your tin. Tip: You can feel free to use ribbon remnants as a decorative element on these pieces. If doing so, make sure to glue them down prior to gluing paper on inside of tin.
  14. Enjoy your adorable creation! Happy crafting!

 " \"Altered Tin Mini Purse Open\""

Altered Tin Mini Purse Open

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