Altered Can – Pop Gift Can

This free altered art scrapbook project shows you

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

How to recycle a pop top can using scrapbooking papers, ribbons and stamps.

What you need

Candy or other filling of your choice
Pop Top Can (4 oz. size can of diced peaches used here)
Safety Can Opener
Double Sided Tacky Tape (ex. Stampin' Up® Sticky Strip™ or Provo Craft® Terrifically Tacky Tape®)
Paper Trimmer
1-2 sheets of patterned scrapbook paper and/or solid cardstock
Scallop Circle Punch
STRONG glue (ex. Stampin' Up® Crystal Effects™)
One 4 inch piece of 5/8" wide ribbon
Stamps and Ink pads/Stamping markers of your choice, if desired (The Angel Company™ stamp sets used here: Classic Alphabet, Flower Stems & Happy Winter)


Alter a pop top can and fill it with candy or small trinkets. This is a perfect gift container for small gifts and makes an ideal party favor.

1.Turn can upside down. Open the can at the bottom using a safety can opener. Drain contents of can and peel off label. Wash can and lid well and dry thoroughly.

2.Apply double sided tacky tape along the seam of the can. This seam runs from the closed end to the open end of the can. Set aside.

3.Cut a strip of patterned scrapbook paper approximately 8 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. This strip should be wide enough to cover the area between the top and bottom of the can. It also should be long enough to wrap entirely around the can, leaving a slight overlap. (Alternative: As seen in photo, use solid colored cardstock and hand stamp images and/or words to create your own unique look.)

4.Retrieve can and peel off red film from double sided tacky tape that was placed on seam of can. Carefully place edge of paper strip on exposed tacky tape and adhere. Add a second piece of double sided tacky tape on top of the edge of the strip that you just adhered. Remove the red film again and slowly wrap the paper strip completely around the can and adhere at the end

5.Use coordinating patterned scrapbook paper or cardstock and cut out scallop circle shape using a Scallop Circle Punch. Using double sided tacky tape, adhere paper scallop circle to the lid of the can. Make sure to slide scallop circle underneath pull tab.

6.Turn can upside down and fill with desired contents. If adding food/candy be sure to use individually wrapped items or place them in a clear baggie. This will prevent the glue used to close the can from touching the food/candy.

7.Apply a thin strip of STRONG glue all the way around the outer rim of the cut out lid. Carefully press the bottom lid back onto the can, wiping away any excess glue immediately. Leave the can upside down and allow it to dry for several hours or overnight. It is helpful to use a heavy object to weigh down the lid until the glue has dried.

8.Once the can has fully dried, decorate and embellish as desired. Cut a 4 inch piece of ribbon (5/8″ wide) and tie to the pull tab on top of the lid.

An Original Design by: Jennifer Camacho

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