Altered Antique Book

This Altered book craft is a great way to recycle old books that you no longer want.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

1 old hardback book
exacto blade
White wood/Craft glue or PVA Glue
Craft glue
Spray Paint
Greeting card or image


This altered book craft creates a wonderful wedding piece.
I made this for the entry table at my wedding reception and it had a beautiful saying about marriage on it.
I simply placed my book in a store bought book holder to finish it off.
Step 1
Using an old hard book you have bought from a thrift store or garage sale remove any loose covers and place it down flat on the table.
Open the book up to find the centre of the book, then flip 10-12 pages over to create a New (uneven) center. This way you will not see any binding later.
Step 2
Now that you have your new center, separate around 10 pages on each side. These 10 pages will create the frame for your greeting card or picture.
Step 3
Mix your PVA or white glue with a small amount of water so that is nice and runny and easy to apply.
Step 4
Lay your cards or images down onto the book to get a feel for where you will place them. Once you have decided on your layout, draw around the pictures with a light pencil line.
Step 5
Using an exacto blade you will now cut a space for those cards into the 10 page layer. You do this by cutting a X shape so you will cut from one corner of your rectangle or square outline to the opposite corner. This will provide you with triangle flaps.
Step 6
Place a little bit of glue onto those triangle flaps and using a pen or pencil curl the flaps up by rolling the pen up and out. This will give you the detailed page curls you see in the picture. Secure with a little glue if its not sticking.
Step 7
You can also do the same thing with the corner of the 10 pages to show the pages curling in towards the centre of the book and again secure with glue.In this picture they have been left flat.
Step 8
Secure your 10 pages with some pegs or similar so you know where your 10 are.
Step 9
Starting at the beginning of one side you will begin gluing down each page by placing a small amount of glue onto each page. You could use a spray adhesive with this if you have it on hand. As you can be sure to shape the pages in your book to get a bevelled/ curved page look as shown in the picture. You can control how rounded or how flat your book is by the way you glue down the pages.
Step 10
Do exactly the same thing for the other side of the book making sure they match.
Step 11
Allow these pages to dry completely.
Step 12
Add any embellishments to the book that you want sprayed gold. I added small wooden hearts and some braiding.
Step 13
Once the book is dry, use a spray paint to spray the complete book gold or other color, making sure to tilt the book at different angles to get it into the curls and along the page lines.
Step 14
Slide in your photos and secure the top ten pages down with glue.
Step 15
Embellish the book with dried flowers, ribbons and other items. I added some plastic doves and some gold ribbon to my wedding book.
Place the altered book onto a plate stand or book holder for display.

You can make these altered books in every size imaginable. Make small pocket sized altered antique books as small gifts for loved ones and family.

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