4th Of July Beaded Patriotic Amulet

This 4th of July Patriotic craft shows you how to make a easy beaded amulet suitable for the holiday.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

27 Pony beads, red, white and blue
One chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
One shoelace, or stretch cord


Step 1: Thread the pony beads onto a chenille stem. (A black stem was used here, but for a bit of bling, you could use a silver or gold one!)

Step 2: Begin to wind the beads into a coil. Twist the end of the stem between two beads to hold the coil together. See the arrow in photo 2.

Step 3: Coil the beads into a tight circle, and wind the end of the stem between two beads of the previous row. See the arrow in photo 3.

Step 4: Your patriotic amulet is finished, fold a shoelace in half, pass it through the amulet, then pass the ends of the shoelace through the fold, and pull tightly to create a necklace.

(Stretch cord could be used in the same manner.)


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