20 Valentine Card Ideas

Valentine's day cards are a great way to express any hidden creativity you might have. We have included our members top 20 ideas to help inspire you.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Various Materials


A special card. Use a bought card blank with a heart cut out of the front or make one yourself. Use scraps of material and lace to make a small piece of crazy patchwork. Embellish and then mount on the card. By Sue Bone

Make a card with different colored squares torn from mulberry paper, cut rose petals into heart shapes and stick on the squares. By Keri Perwick

Get a large piece of white card fold in half. Take a piece of red card and cut out a heart and make sure there are small tabs on the sides. Glue the tabs to the card and it will pop open when the person opens it. By Ruth Miller

Show your loved one you care by making them a special card out of any scrap papers that you have at home. Decoupage the papers and use lots of colors to create picture effects. By Mandi

Add details to a cheap card by using puffy paint to add interest then just hold the hairdryer over the card to have something special. By Margaret Rowe

Do some simple bright red embroidered cross stitch on a white or cream background. Add Romeo’s name (lettering charts can be found in any cross stitch magazine or free from the library). It will certainly be remembered by the recipient – and you could end up darning his socks! By Frances Heaton

A large heart-shaped button sewn on to a piece of red card makes a great Valentines card. Alternatively a row of three smaller heart-shaped buttons looks equally good. .By Elizabeth Yule

A simple card to make is fold a rectangle of white card in half, kiss the front of the card with your best cherry red lipstick. Spray with a sealer and then write a message to your sweetie on the inside. By Beth

Cut full heart shape out of red card and then the same out of pink insert paper. Trim slightly smaller than the red card, stick inside on fold, Cut 2 smaller hearts, one red, one gold and glue to front of red card, gold one first and red overlapping on top. By Di Brown

I used a bright pink card stock and a velum that was a very pale pink with dark pink hearts (kind of faded). Tied with 1/8 inch white ribbon. By Deanna Anderson

Cut card stock paper in half and then fold the two halves (make 2 cards). Use a one inch heart punch for the front (center)and then use a piece of vellum behind the heart punch (inside – left hand side)for a frontal peek-a-boo effect. Use various heart stickers, metal embellishments, or heart punch sizes (use vellum and card stock scraps) to create a border around the inside/right hand side of the page. By Kirsten

I like to make paper hearts with a twist. I use decorative paper to cut out two hearts of exactly the same size. Then “sew” the two hearts together with a thin layer of batting in between. The hearts can then be decorated and used as a gift card or included in a larger gift .By connie

Make hand made valentine cards. Get the kids involved! Use scrapbooking supplies to make the cards then to embellish them with punch art or glitter and scissors to cut frilly edges. By using gel pens or your computer then you can personalize the text. By Karen Price

Trace child’s hand on pink or red card stock or construction paper. Cut out and adhere to paper doily. Adhere doily to large red or pink heart cut out of card stock or construction paper. By Gina Musser

Trace a hand design into your card stock. Next cut a heart to fit into that hand. Write a “love note” unto the heart. Finally, bend over the heart the ring and middle finger. This should sign, “I Love” you in sign language :). By Tami

Definitely would have to be handmade Valentines cards. You can make them with anything, crayons, markers, stamps, cut paper, just let your imagination run wild. Don’t forget to add an original poem made by you to your sweetie. It doesn’t even have to rhyme, they’ll love it anyway. By Shannon Arnold

For fancy valentines fast. Do a serendipity style heart. Take a sheet of card stock and randomly cover it with strips and scraps of red and white paper. Use some patterned paper as well. Randomly stamp some hearts on top. Don’t worry about how if it all looks “messy”. When you’ve covered the whole page, cut out hearts from it. The result will be intricate collage hearts that you can use “as is” for valentines or mount on a red card. By Julie K

Make heart out of card stock, and write a love note on it. Then, cut it like a puzzle, and give to your valentine to put it together and get the message. .By Trina

A few years ago, I made Valentines cards by taking a picture of my son holding a big heart I made that said “Happy Valentines Day”. I made copies of the picture and glued it to a big red construction paper heart. It was so cute! By Holly Cotton

I use a valentines heart rubber stamp to stamp an image on a piece of cardstock. I then color it in and then I cut a heart shaped piece of see through vellum and place it over top of the stamped image. I keep the two images together with mini brads and use the finished product for a journaling shape for my scrapbook page. By Deb

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