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Success will depend on how hard you train

There is no reason why girls / women cannot play chess as well as boys / men do. But it means that we also have to spend as much time if not more to train, improve, and get ready to battle at the highest level.

I am lucky that when I was growing up, there was no twitter, facebook, youtube, snapchat, instagram, selfies, internet, 300+ channels on TV and all the other useless time wasting distractions.

I was too busy solving puzzles, worked on endgame, improved my opening repertoire, worked out, and did everything possible to reach my goals.

Young people today are very lucky to have the best technology and information at their fingertips 24/7. It is up to them to set their goals and decide how much success they want to achieve.

Even after retiring from professional chess more than a decade ago, I still work hard 7 days a week (12-18 hours a day). How can anyone expect to achieve success if they are not willing to work hard for it?

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