Sunday Afternoon Challenge Puzzle

Unlike this morning's puzzle, this one is a more practical study. It is white to move and win. Can you find the winning method?

8/8/8/p2k3p/P6P/7K/4P3/8 w - - 0 1

1.Kg3! Ke4
2.Kg2 Ke3
3.Kf1 Ke4
4.Ke1 Ke5
5.Kd1 Kd4
6.Kd2 Kc4
7.Ke3 Kb3
8.Kd3 Kb4
9.Kd4 Kxa4
10.Kc4 Ka3
11.e4 Kb2
12.e5 a4
13.e6 a3
14.e7 a2
15.e8=Q a1=Q
16.Qe2+ Kc1
17.Qe1+ Kb2
18.Qd2+ Kb1
19.Kb3 Qa4
20.Kxa4 Ka1
21.Kb3 Kb1

  1. Kg3!! Ke4, 2. Kg2 Ke3, 3. Kf1 Ke4, 4. Ke1 Ke5, 5. Kd1 Ke4, 6. Kd2 Kd4, 7. e3+ Kc4, 8. Kc2 Kc5, 9. Kd3 Kd5, 10. e4+ Ke5, 11. Ke3 Ke6, 12. Kf4 Kf6 13. e5+ Ke6, 14. Ke4 Kd7, 15. Kd5 Ke7, 16.Kc5! Ke6, 17. Kb5 Kxe5, 18. Kxa5 Kd6, 19. Kb6 Kd7, 20. Kb7! Ke6, 21. a5 Kf5, 22. a6 Kg4, 23. a7 Kxh4, 24. a8=Q Kg5, 25. Kb6 Kf4, 26. Qh1 and White wins!!