Sometimes World Champions Get Lucky

This was a recent game at the Champions Showdown. Carlsen has just played 46. Bf2. How should black have responded?

8/R3bk2/3p4/2pPp3/2P2p1p/3P1P1r/4KB2/8 b - - 0 1

By the way 1 . Bf2 Rh1 (is also winning )

I saw the first move quickly too. I liked this variation.

2.d4 exd4
3.Kf1 h3
4.Bh4 Rh1+
5.Ke2 Rb1
6.Rxe7+ Kg6
7.Re6+ Kh5
8.Bf2 h2
9.Re8 h1=Q
10.Rh8+ Kg5
11.Rxh1 Rxh1
12.Kd3 Rh2
13.Be1 Ra2
14.Bd2 Kf5
15.Be1 Ra3+
16.Ke2 d3+
17.Kd2 Ke5
18.Bh4 Kd4
19.Bf6+ Kxc4
20.Ke1 Kb3
21.Bg5 Kc2
22.Bxf4 Ra1+
23.Kf2 d2
24.Bxd2 Kxd2

It's a good puzzle

Arein, 1. ....Rh1 probably wins, too, and in a similar way eventually, however, it gives white time to play 2.Bxc5 which is probably the move that Liren was worried about when he played 1. ....Kf6? which led to a draw.