How Quickly Can You Spot The Winning Plan

I spotted the main idea of this one pretty quickly, but had seen similar kinds of themes in the past.

8/K7/7P/3r3k/3p4/5pPp/8/1R4B1 w - - 0 1

While I was putting chess pieces on my board I saw the first move. But I had to struggle with V-2 a little. The puzzle is instructive and the idea is easy to remember.I haven't seen the idea earlier. I spent about 15 minutes on V-2.


1.Rb5! Kxh6
2.Rxd5 f2
3.Bxf2 h2
4.Rd8 Kg5
5.Rh8 h1=Q
It's a win for white.


1.Rb5 Rxb5
2.h7 Ra5+
3.Kb7 Rb5+
4.Kc7 Rc5+
5.Kd7 Rd5+
6.Ke7 Re5+
7.Kf7 Rf5+
8.Kg7 Rg5+
9.Kf6 Rg6+
10.Kf5 Rg5+
11.Ke4 Kg6
12.h8=Q h2
13.Qxh2 d3
14.Kxd3 Rd5+
15.Ke4 Rh5
16.Qf2 Rh1
17.Kxf3 Rh5
It's a win for white.

You should also look into 10........Rh6 guarding the h8 square.

10.Kf5 Rh6?
11.g4+ Kh4

Shorter, yes, but that mate is what makes the position won for white in all the longer lines.